A Guide to Packing a Bergen for Backpackers

What you pack in your Bergen can make or break your trip. Here is a stress free guide for first time backpackers. A Bergen bag is an essential part of any backpacker’s kit and can help you ensure that you are ready for anything. The Bergen is the bag of choice for many backpackers as it has a number of different compartments designed to hold all of your kit. However, having the space to hold all of your travel essentials is one thing but knowing the best way to pack your Bergen is … [Read more...]

Episode 13: The Appalachian Trail

In Episode 13, KC (aka 30-Pack) details his 2012 thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail that began at Springer Mountain in March and ended nearly 2,200 miles later at Mount Katahdin in September. In the podcast, KC talks about the birth of his trail-name, some of his favorite (and not so favorite) moments on the trail, the Wolf Pack and the social aspects of a thru-hike, and why the experience was so inspiring that he plans to set out once again this spring to hike the Pacific Crest Trail on the … [Read more...]

Are you Wearing the Right Hiking Footwear?

If you are new to hiking, you may not want to pay for a pair of hiking boots that you will only wear once. However, if you plan to make hiking a regular hobby, it is not wise to think that your running trainers will double up as hiking boots. While running trainers are made for outdoor pursuits, hiking involves tackling tough terrain and requires a shoe or a boot that boasts superior support. If you are buying hiking boots for the first time, you may be tempted to invest in a big bulky design. … [Read more...]

Episode 11: Wild Turkey

In Episode 11, Katie (aka Wild Turkey) talks about her ventures in to the wilderness - hiking and backpacking with both friends and family in the Southeast.  Topics include the weather and its impact on the experience, the gear you need for the Trail, and hiking with infants and young children. Katie is the first female to do a solo interview for N2Backpacking and she delivers with this New Year's Eve conversation recorded in Elljay, Georgia. Katie talks about some pristine destinations in … [Read more...]

Episode 9: North & South Crocker Mountain – Part One

In Episode 9, Jim (aka Country Club) and Roger (aka The Camel) talk about our recent hike along the Appalachian Trail near Stratton, Maine. This is the first of a two part series that recaps our October 2012 backpacking trip in New England. During our three day trip, we battled nasty weather and didn't see a ray of sunshine as we hiked over North & South Crocker Mountain. The steep, wet terrain and rocky descent to the Crocker Cirque Campsite had us averaging about a mile an hour - which is … [Read more...]

Andrew Skurka “Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide” Video

This is basically an advertisement for Andrew Skurka's new book "The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide," but it's well done - enough to share it. I gotta interview this guy for a podcast some day. He has to have some great stories to tell. … [Read more...]

Episode 7: Global Backpacker

In Episode 7, Phillip (aka the World Wide Wanderer) talks about growing up with his family on military bases around the world and his post-college travels around the globe. The interview offers insight in to places like Nepal's Annapurna Circuit, Peru's Machu Pichu, Greece's Samaria Gorge, and Egypt's Mount Sinai (the pilgrimage site of St. Catherine Monastery). In the podcast, Phillip talks about his front country and backcountry experiences, some memorable moments on the trail, and the most … [Read more...]

You want the A.T. experience? Then get distracted.

National Parks Traveler recently published an article titled Hiking The Appalachian National Scenic Trail: It Takes More Heart than Heel". and it was stated that ... the key to success for young people is to keep the distractions down. The more you stay on the trail, the better. If you go into town too much, you're spending money, maybe on alcohol, and you're not hiking. Well - you definitely spend money in town, and some thru-hikers definitely throw back a beer or two while there (this one … [Read more...]

Episode 4: The Chilkoot Trail

In Episode 4, Roger (aka The Camel) speaks about The Chilkoot Trail which is a 33 mile route that starts in Dyea, Alaska (near Skagway) and ends at Lake Bennett, British Columbia. The Chilkoot Trail is a walk back in time. It follows the trail that the stampeders used to reach the Yukon River and float their provisions to the gold fields of the Klondike over a hundred years ago. Many artifacts from the 1890’s still litter the trail and there is great diversity along the way including swamps, … [Read more...]

Episode 2: The Foothills Trail (Gorges Section)

In Episode 2, John (aka The Kidd) talks about the Gorges Section of the Foothills Trail in western North Carolina and northwestern South Carolina.  In this phone interview, The Kidd talks about our  2001  Foothills Trail hike (and the 10th anniversary of the trip) which took us through a 45 mile section of the 76 mile trail over the course of three days in the Spring of 2001. The Foothills Trail traverses the the Andrew Pickens Ranger District of … [Read more...]