Episode 17: The Continental Divide Trail “Embrace The Brutality”

In Episode 17, Jester and I speak via phone about his 2013 DVD release  "Embrace The Brutality" which documents his 3100 mile thru-hike on the Continental Divide Trail. In the podcast, Jester talks about his first backpacking trip, his high and low moments on the CDT, what it takes to hike, film, and produce a major film on the Trail, and a major hike that he has planned for Europe.  Jester also offers some general advice to those that plan to hike the CDT and gives great insight for those … [Read more...]

Episode 15: The Ultimate Summer Road Trip – Part Two

In Episode 15, Mackie and I sit down to discuss a 65 day and 17,000 mile cross-country road trip that went down in the summer of 1996.  On the journey, we hiked sections of the Appalachian, Continental, and Pacific Crest National Scenic Trails and visited some treasured American wilderness including Isle Royal, Glacier, Mt. Ranier, Redwoods, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon National Park. In the podcast, Mackie talks about the adventure, some major mishaps, high and low moments from the trip, his … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Summer Roadtrip – Part Two (Coming Soon)

Had a chance to record a podcast with Mackie recently for "The Ultimate Summer Roadtrip - Part Two".   It's in the editing room right now and should be ready for release by the end of this week.   In the meantime, check out "The Ultimate Summer Roadtrip - Part One" if you haven't already.   It will get you primed for Part Two and recaps a cross-country hiking/backpacking trip I did with Snyder (aka The Ox)  two years after my 1996 trip with Mackie (who is shown above at our interview in … [Read more...]

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Documentary on The John Muir Trail

Just heard about this documentary that was shot on the John Muir Trail. It's #1 on my list of long trails to do and traverses some spectacular scenery in  Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks. The DVD was released in April 2012 and follows a group of students from the Southeast as they walk the 220 mile Trail in the High Sierra of California. But you can watch it here for free ... thanks to PBS and UNC-TV:  Watch High Sierra - A Journey on the John Muir Trail on PBS. See … [Read more...]

Episode 14: The Ultimate Summer Road Trip – Part One

In Episode 14, Steve (aka The Ox) and I do an in-studio interview about a 38 day cross-country road trip that took place in the summer of 1998.  We spent most of the tour in the western United States and Canada (Alberta and British Columbia) where we went backpacking and fishing in the Rockies, Cascades, and on the coast of the Pacific Northwest. In the podcast, The Ox talks about the high and low moments on our road trip, some favorite campsites in the backcountry, and breaking down on the … [Read more...]

Avoid hiking alone, have a plan, & understand your limits

  Avoid hiking alone If you’re familiar with the Aron Ralston story, you’ll understand why you should never hike alone. Ralston, an avid outdoorsman and adventurist, became trapped in a slot canyon while hiking through Utah’s Blue John Canyon in April of 2003. While descending the slot canyon, a massive 800-pound boulder became dislodged, crushed his right hand and trapped him against the canyon wall. Not only was Ralston alone, but nobody was searching for him because he hadn’t … [Read more...]

Episode 13: The Appalachian Trail

In Episode 13, KC (aka 30-Pack) details his 2012 thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail that began at Springer Mountain in March and ended nearly 2,200 miles later at Mount Katahdin in September. In the podcast, KC talks about the birth of his trail-name, some of his favorite (and not so favorite) moments on the trail, the Wolf Pack and the social aspects of a thru-hike, and why the experience was so inspiring that he plans to set out once again this spring to hike the Pacific Crest Trail on the … [Read more...]

Episode 5: The Chattooga River Trail

In Episode 5, Ken (aka The Weasel) discusses his experiences on the Chattooga River Trail which is a nearly forty mile route that borders the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia and follows the banks of the Chattooga National Wild And Scenic River from Burrell's Ford to US 76.  In the podcast, we discuss four separate sections of the trail, some historical points (including Ellicott Rock and Commissioner Rock), some scenic waterfalls (including Spoonauger Falls and Kings … [Read more...]

Episode 4: The Chilkoot Trail

In Episode 4, Roger (aka The Camel) speaks about The Chilkoot Trail which is a 33 mile route that starts in Dyea, Alaska (near Skagway) and ends at Lake Bennett, British Columbia. The Chilkoot Trail is a walk back in time. It follows the trail that the stampeders used to reach the Yukon River and float their provisions to the gold fields of the Klondike over a hundred years ago. Many artifacts from the 1890’s still litter the trail and there is great diversity along the way including swamps, … [Read more...]