Episode 25: Flip Flop Flippin’

In Episode 25, Scott "Squatch" Herriott talks about his three part series Flip Flop Flippin'.  The films were shot on the Appalachian Trail during the summers of 2011, 2012, and 2014 and they follow the thru-hiker community as they make their way along the nearly 2200 mile trail. In the show, "Squatch" talks about his first ventures in to the wilderness, some of the thru-hikers and trail angels that he met on the A.T., and his experience as a filmmaker in the backcountry.  His skills as a … [Read more...]

Episode 24: Backcountry 101- Rookie Mistakes

In Episode 24, we satisfy a listener request for a show on backcountry basics.  Recorded at a remote campsite on the Chattooga River, I speak with Therm Rider and The Camel about some of our rookie mistakes in the backcountry and smart things that we've done since our first ventures in to the wilderness. "Backcountry 101" is the first installment in this mini-series where we sit around the campfire and discuss the fundamentals of backpacking.  In this episode, we talk about the times when … [Read more...]

#7 Listen to music

 Just read an article at Appalachian Trials on "9 Things A Former Thru-Hiker Wishes She Had Known Before Hitting The Trail".  And what was on the list?   My personal favorite....#7 Listen to music:" It will help keep you positive in the present as you hike and afterwards the music you listened to will become a time machine back to exact moments on the trail. You may not know the place or even the state but the song will bring back a perfectly rendered memory. "Many go in to the woods to … [Read more...]


Some of these "Camping Hacks" are pretty good.  I'm definitely going to try #9 "Make crescent rolls over the campfire" on our next trip... The complete list of camping hacks are at this link.... http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/camping-hacks-that-are-borderline-genius   … [Read more...]

Reese Witherspoon Sports Vintage Hiking Look For The Movie Wild

The filming of the movie Wild has begun, and both Cheryl Strayed and Reese Witherspoon are tweeting photos from the set.  As you recall, the movie is based on Stayed's best selling book which chronicles her adventures (or mis-adventures) on the Pacific Crest Trail in 1995.  The wardrobe team got this one right, because they have Witherspoon decked out in a vintage external frame backpack and old school leather hiking boots (complete with colored laces). The movie is set to release in … [Read more...]

Episode 15: The Ultimate Summer Road Trip – Part Two

In Episode 15, Mackie and I sit down to discuss a 65 day and 17,000 mile cross-country road trip that went down in the summer of 1996.  On the journey, we hiked sections of the Appalachian, Continental, and Pacific Crest National Scenic Trails and visited some treasured American wilderness including Isle Royal, Glacier, Mt. Ranier, Redwoods, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon National Park. In the podcast, Mackie talks about the adventure, some major mishaps, high and low moments from the trip, his … [Read more...]

Top Rucksacks for Backpacking

You may be planning your first backpacking adventure or perhaps you just love travelling and discovering new exotic places but either way you want a rucksack or backpack that is going to last throughout your entire trip and hopefully many more to come, plus one that sits comfortably on your shoulders too as you’ll be wearing it for a long time and no doubt acquire souvenirs along the way making the overall weight much heavier.  One manufacturer that stands above the rest when it comes to … [Read more...]

Backpacking Travel Essentials

As any backpacking trip can last for a few weeks to months, or even a couple of years if you are able to truly get lost in the discovery of new places then it’s no surprise you’re going to want gear that will last you through your journey as there’s no telling what wear and tear will happen.  The main item anyone needs when backpacking is obviously a backpack or a rucksack as it will hold everything you need throughout your trip but one issue is finding a durable bag that has the … [Read more...]

A Guide to Packing a Bergen for Backpackers

What you pack in your Bergen can make or break your trip. Here is a stress free guide for first time backpackers. A Bergen bag is an essential part of any backpacker’s kit and can help you ensure that you are ready for anything. The Bergen is the bag of choice for many backpackers as it has a number of different compartments designed to hold all of your kit. However, having the space to hold all of your travel essentials is one thing but knowing the best way to pack your Bergen is … [Read more...]

Avoid hiking alone, have a plan, & understand your limits

  Avoid hiking alone If you’re familiar with the Aron Ralston story, you’ll understand why you should never hike alone. Ralston, an avid outdoorsman and adventurist, became trapped in a slot canyon while hiking through Utah’s Blue John Canyon in April of 2003. While descending the slot canyon, a massive 800-pound boulder became dislodged, crushed his right hand and trapped him against the canyon wall. Not only was Ralston alone, but nobody was searching for him because he hadn’t … [Read more...]