In Episode 8, I speak with my father about how he introduced me to the outdoors and how he served up a steady dose of hiking, camping, and fishing before I reached elementary school.  We talk about the early years, of catching my first fish, of car camping in Ohio, and about the Appalachian Trail – where he joined me for a few days in June during  my 1994 thru-hike.

Weeks later, my father returned to the A.T.  but this time with a family friend while I continued making my way north toward Mt. Katahdin.  While I hiked through New England, they set out for one of the most spectacular areas in the Southeast  –  the Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area and the neighboring Grayson Highlands State Park.   After a great start to the trip, their hike was cut short as misery ensued and only a healthy dose of trail magic could save the day.

Subject:  A Conversation With Dad
Interviewees:  Richard Goodrich
Interview Date:  February 11, 2012
Runtime: 33:11
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