In Episode 7, Phillip (aka the World Wide Wanderer) talks about growing up with his family on military bases around the world and his post-college travels around the globe. The interview offers insight in to places like Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit, Peru’s Machu Pichu, Greece’s Samaria Gorge, and Egypt’s Mount Sinai (the pilgrimage site of St. Catherine Monastery).

In the podcast, Phillip talks about his front country and backcountry experiences, some memorable moments on the trail, and the most exotic women in the world. He also offers some tips on logistics including planning and preparation, language skills and requirements, budgets, and recommendations for anyone considering dropping off the grid for a few years.

Subject: Backpack Around The World
Interviewees:  Phillip (The World Wide Wanderer/Black Crowe)
Interview Date:  October 8, 2011
Runtime: 44:16
Download Now: Backpack Around The World (WMA format 11.0 Meg);
Backpack Around The World (MP3 format 32.4 Meg)

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