Man Down

That sand may not taste so good at dinner. But damn that fish has big teeth! … [Read more...]

Our Master Chef

Cooking up two 12+ pound pike. They look meaty! … [Read more...]

Have Truck Will Roll

A chance encounter in town before we head out for a week of fishing. … [Read more...]

Logging Pics – Before And After

The National Forest Service sells logging rights to timber companies. It's reality, but I'm seeing it more and more in North Georgia and Northwestern South Carolina lately. We went hiking on the Chattooga this past weekend and here's one example. The view from the trailhead looking west in September 2011. And here's the same view this weekend on August 2016. I nearly didn't recognize the trailhead - and we weren't the only ones! While we loaded our packs, we sent two other hiking groups … [Read more...]

No Signal Rock

Sunset from "No Signal Rock" - and I believe it's our first. We are officially off the grid. … [Read more...]

Keep Calm & Carry Guns

Muscle Jim is calm and would like to show you his guns. … [Read more...]

Feeding Frenzy

Muscle Jim and I reel in two Pike at the same time - with a little help from the trusty Deuce (aka Mepps #2). … [Read more...]


Our lake view near Smokies Campsite #74 this January 2016.  The TVA drains the lake each winter. Our view April 2010 after some Spring showers.  Guess when the fishing is better!!!  … [Read more...]

Fontana Lake

A look at the Forney Creek drainage in to Fontana Lake. The TVA drew the water down for maintenance and the cove was exposed this February 2016. … [Read more...]

Boone Dawg rides a rapid on the Chattooga River with us..

Boone rides a rapid on the Chattooga River with us.. … [Read more...]