Rim Sunset

We made it to the Grand Canyon just in time to catch the sunset on this cold winter day in January. And yes it does snow in the desert. … [Read more...]

View From The Rim Trail

Our view from the Rim Trail as we hike toward Maricopa Point and look back on the lodges near Grand Canyon Village. … [Read more...]

Beef Tenderloin

That's what I call Beef Tenderloin. Pass me the hot sauce! … [Read more...]

Flying South

Geese flying South for the winter. Very cool formation. You have to see the aerodynamics at play here. … [Read more...]

Man Down

That sand may not taste so good at dinner. But damn that fish has big teeth! … [Read more...]

Our Master Chef

Cooking up two 12+ pound pike. They look meaty! … [Read more...]

Have Truck Will Roll

A chance encounter in town before we head out for a week of fishing. … [Read more...]

Fugarwi Pong

This is what we do on a rainy day at Camp Fugarwi. You just have to put your knees in to it. … [Read more...]

No Signal Rock

Sunset from "No Signal Rock" - and I believe it's our first. We are officially off the grid. … [Read more...]

Keep Calm & Carry Guns

Muscle Jim is calm and would like to show you his guns. … [Read more...]